• It's different! NEONTUFF is NOT a typical, flimsy screen protector! You install it ONCE and FORGET it.
  • NEONTUFF uses state-of-the-art, 6-layer "hammer-proof" technology, 8H-9H hardness
    • 2 super-hard ceramic nanotechnology layers
    • Combined with 2 plastic layers (PMMA, PET)
      • PMMA is also referred to as "acrylic glass" (Plexiglass, ACRYLITE ®, Lucite and Perspex) - used in airplane windows, commercial aquariums, riot-control gear, and ballistic "bullet-proof" glass
    • Bubble-free adhesive
  • Scratch resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Only 0.3mm thick
  • "Glass-Like Touch" – feels just like your real screen
  • "Cool" factor! Fluorescent "NEON" edge glow - green, yellow, orange - or clear (no color)
  • UV Protection reduces eye strain
  • 99% Optical Throughput – high definition clarity for clear viewing
  • Custom fit with rounded edges for your smartphone or tablet
    • iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s/5c
    • iPad 1, 2, 3
    • iPad Mini
    • Samsung Galaxy S4, S3

NEONTUFF Edge Glow can be obscured by cases that wrap around the front of the smartphone. We recommend using an "open face" case such as the elago Slim Fit, elago Slim Fit 2, or elago Breathe.


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